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Are We Going to Crash Phone App27-Jan-2015

Want to know if the plane you are on is actually going to reach its final destination? Well, there s..

GE Aviation Profits Strong as its Oil Business Fairs Differently27-Jan-2015

General Electric is cutting costs at its oil and gas segment as the recent fall in crude oil pri..

If you've gotta be delayed, why not listen to a Barbershop Quartet?!27-Jan-2015

A US Airways flight to New Orleans was delayed for maintenance after boarding, which basically means..

Imagine this: A Rock Concert in the Sky!27-Jan-2015

Imagine Dragons’ airplane performance is going to rock the skies on Southwest Airlines. On Feb..

Parachute Saves Man and Plane27-Jan-2015

The pilot (and sole passenger) of this plane (see video) was rescued safely. Truly amazing: Footage,..

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