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Dr. T. Michele Thompson is a certified, senior Aviation Medical Examiner (AME), regularly conducting Class 1, 2, and 3 Medicals for pilots and aviation professionals.  Raised in an aviation family, married to a Flight Instructor, and a frequent attendee of the Sun-N-Fun and EAA AirVenture Oshkosh air shows, Michele has a genuine love of aviation!  Dr. Thompson encourages you to read through the questions she is often asked in our FAQs, below, and to feel free to ask her any medical related question you may have as it pertains to obtaining and maintaining your FAA Medical Certificate.  Please note that your questions will be completely anonymous, and that your name will not appear in any part of our website, should your question, and Dr. Thompson's response, be published on its pages. 

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Q: As a Student Pilot, should I wait to get my medical till just before I solo?
A: Great question!  If you are going to solo in an aircraft that requires its pilot to hold a medical certificate (something other than an ultralight or a Light Sport Aircraft), then you will be required to pass a medical.  Your medical certificate IS your Student Pilot Certificate, and you will be required to carry it during all of your solo flights.  Should you get it well in advance of your first solo?  Chances are that you'll be soloing in under 20 hours, so there's most likely no "well before" timeframe!  Most students wait to get their medical a few days prior to their solo, but you certainly can get it, sooner.  Doing so might give you the peace of mind in knowing you've passed your medical, so that you're not stressing about that just prior to your first solo!
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Q: Can I safely fly in my 80's?

Absolutely!  I regularly examine and sign-off on medicals for pilots well into their 80s!  On that note, there are no minimum or maximum ages for obtaining a medical certificate.  Any applicant who is able to pass the exam may be issued a medical certificate.

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Q: Who must hold a Medical Certificate?

Any person exercising the privileges of any of the following certificates:  airline transport pilot certificate, commercial pilot certificate, private pilot certificate, recreational pilot certificate, flight instructor certificate (when acting as pilot in command if serving as a required pilot flight crewmember), flight engineer certificate, flight navigator certificate, or student pilot certificate.  Except for a person employed by the FAA, a branch of the military services or the Coast Guard, a person acting as an air traffic control tower operator also must hold a medical certificate.

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Visitors Questions
Q: What are the color vision requirements to pass my Medical?
A: To pass your medical, you must be able to discern the colors associated with airport signs, lighting, and lighting signals that may be presented by the tower.  You will be able to demonstrate this in a field test administered by the FAA.  Upon passing this one-time exam, you will be issued a Statement of Demonstrated Ability.
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Pilot Medical Applications

The FAA MedExpress system allows anyone requiring an FAA Medical Certificate or Student Pilot Medical Certificate to electronically complete the FAA form 8500-8. Information entered into MedXPress will be transmitted to the FAA and will be available for your AME to review at the time of your medical examination.

To fill out the required form please got to https://medxpress.faa.gov

After completing the form, you will be given a code. You MUST bring this code to the office for your visit so that the AME can complete your examination.


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